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    “Atkins Design's Brand Bio worksheet helped me structure my simple statement and put it into writing. It was simple, easy and didn't take long.”

    Freda Crump

    Memphis, TN

    What you get:

    You get a simple worksheet to help you create a clear and concise statement for your business that explains what you do in one straightforward sentence.

    What is it all about?

    Ever been asked "what do you do" and couldn't give a simple answer? If you can’t explain your business in a sentence or two, then you’re probably going to struggle. A basic rule of advice that works is get to the point!

    Your brand bio is an important piece of business branding real estate that can help you catch the interest of a potential client or quickly explain to a possible investor what your business does.

    We know talking about your business can feel awkward sometimes, so we created a helpful brand bio worksheet just for you. Nothing left to do now but get started. May the force be with you.