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Brave Neighbor

Be courageous and creative in connecting with community.

Our Aim

We wanted to create a ‘living’ character that can exist in different scenarios across all expressions of the Brave Neighbor organization. A vanguard for the Brave Neighbor brand. A protagonist for those who long to create and live in communities of real neighborly love, but struggle with the challenges of creating that reality.

Early Brave Character Explorations

Brave Early Explorations
Brave the Bird Early Explorations

Meet Brave

The final version of Brave.

Final Rendition of Brave
Final Rendition of Brave the Bird

Meet Brave the Bird

The final version of Brave the Bird.

Brave Identity System

Our creative team worked hard to develop an identity that captured the bold and courageous spirit of Brave Neighbor.

Brave Neighbor
Brave Neighbor Think
Brave Neighbor Homes
Semiformal Brave
Brave Neighbor Logo
Chill Brave
Brave Neighbor Think Logo
Relaxed Brave
Brave Neighbor Business Cards
Brave Neighbor Yard Sign
brave think business card