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Crumpy’s Hotwings


Our Aim

The opportunity to redesign this iconic Memphis wing spot came through a relationship with Miss Crumpy’s. We jumped at the chance to recreate their brand. Crumpy’s wanted to freshen up their logo and modernize it. They wanted to update it but still keep some of the recognizable elements of the original design.

The Previous Crumpy’s Logo

The original version of the Crumpy’s logo was taken from a picture of a picture and was never really created for print or digital.

Crumpy's Old Logo

Early Crumpy’s Explorations

Crumpy's Hotwings Concept 3
Crumpy's Hotwings Concept 4
Crumpy's Hotwings Concept 2
Crumpy's Hotwings Concept 1
Crumpy's Current Logo

The New Crumpy’s Logo

Mr. Crump wanted to clean up the logo and bring it up to date to fit across mediums from the web to packaging, and in-store apparel.

Crumpy’s Logo and Apparel

We created and more modern and clean logo that can be used on t-shirts, packaging, cups, business cards, truck wraps and more to ensure that each touch point grabs the viewer’s attention.

Crumpy's Hotwing Packaging
Crumpy's Custard Packaing
Crumpy's Van Design Full Image