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Hats and Heels, Inc.

Fulfilling your purpose

Our Aim

Hats and Heels wanted to change their look and streamline the design. We felt it would be best to have a singular strong mark to represent them that would translate easily across multiple print and digital mediums. We also built a new website to tell the masses about the great work they do for young women.

The Previous Hats and Heels Logo

The original version of the Hats and Heels logo was more complex and presented some issues when printed.

Hats and heels Previous Logo

Early Hats and Heels Explorations

early exploration logo option
early exploration logo option 2
early exploration logo option 3
Hats and Heels Current Logo

The New Hats and Heels Logo

For the brand design, the client was looking for a clean, modern design that would translate well across mediums, from the web to their apparel.

Hats and Heels Collateral

We refined the logo and then created t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, business cards and more to ensure that each touch point felt fresh and bold. It took a few iterations but we got everything just right.

Hats and Heels Leather bag
Hats and Heels mug
Hats and Heels toe bag
Hats and Heels Business Card design
Hats and Heels tee shirts and bags