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Shapes and Their Meaning: The Square

Shapes and Their Meaning: The Square

Psychology of colors and what they mean

Shapes are an integral part of logo design and we see a combination of shapes even in our everyday lives. Shapes are the foundation of any design and form the basis of icons by how they are combined or as the image behind the logo mark. Just as colors have given meanings and elicit certain emotions, shapes also have their own meaning and influence viewers mind differently.

When it comes to the square, they convey a sense of reliability, security, efficiency, boldness and balance. Additionally, the straight lines and right angles symbolize a sense of order and professionalism. For the many of the reasons previously mentioned square shapes are often used in logos and positioned above or to the side of the name of the company. Many square logo designs may be seen as cautious while projecting a sense of stability and trust. Adobe’s logo makes use of negative space which is a technique often used in square logomarks.

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of the square in logo, do these recognizable logos take on new meaning for you?


The design of the Adobe emblem makes effective use of the negative space, creating a stylized version of the “A”. The wordmark is placed to the right of the emblem while the “d” and “b” mirror each other.

Adobe square logo
Flipboard square logo

Flip Board

Flipboard makes use of the negative space, much like the Adobe logo. A pair of rectangles and a single square make up Flip Board’s signature “F”, making it simple and clean.

Bank of America

Bank of America’s identity is more modern and doesn’t use many intricate details, making it sleek and clean. The large gaps between the rectangles make the design more legible and scalable.

Bank of America logo
John Deere square logo

John Deere

The John Deere logo is a green curvilinear rectangle with a yellow inner lining. The deer is yellow too, and it has a more streamlined shape. This updated mark is described as true to its strong John Deere heritage, yet its sharpened antlers, angles, muscularity and attitude give the trademark an energized and dynamic edge in a technological age.

Now that we’ve briefly analyzed some notable logos take a look at a few more iconic logos that you see every day with a square element to their respective logo.

Goldman Sachs Logo
Honda square logo
wells fargo logo
youtube square logo

Choosing the best shape for a specific logo design is just as important as font type and color choice in creating a timeless design that is more than the sum of its parts. When done properly, it conveys the brand’s personality and values while leaving a notable impression on anyone that views it.

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What shape do you think best represents your brand?

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