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Miss Crumpy’s

One bite is all it takes.

Our Aim

Faced with the challenge of penetrating an oversaturated hot wing market, the Atlanta-based wing spot approached us about refreshing their logo and brand identity. They wanted to update their current logo and do something new. After more digging, we realized they still wanted to keep the similar look and feel of the old logo but refresh it. Known for their award-winning wings, hospitality, and delicious sauces, the appeal of Miss Crumpy’s stretches across generations and states alike.

The Old Miss Crumpy’s

This was the original version of Miss Crumpy’s the chicken lady. It was done at the onset of the business and was the calling card of their restaurant.

Old Miss Crumpy's logo

Early Miss Crumpy’s Explorations

Miss Crumpy's Logo

Meet the New and Improved Miss Crumpy’s

After deciding to keep the “chicken lady” but modernize her look we finally came up with a simplified illustration of the final version of Miss Crumpy’s the chicken lady.

Miss Crumpy’s Collateral

We wanted to create an array of cohesive designs and packaging that worked well with each other and reflected the fun, out going bold personality of the owner.

packaging and signage
business collateral
Miss Crumpy's Food Truck